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Arctic air to bring near-freezing temps to SE Texas

Overnight temperatures could hover around freezing this weekend in Southeast Texas, according to information from the National Weather Services. With a push of Arctic air coming in from Canada, low temperatures are expected to drop to the mid-to-low thirties throughout the weekend, NWS said. Showers and thunderstorms Saturday could lead to icy roads Sunday morning.… Keep Reading


FROM THE CITY OF PORT ARTHUR: A driver has hit a water main in the 6500 Block of 63rd Street in the Port Acres area. Water Services have been interrupted for residents from 63rd Street to West Port Arthur Road, and from Jade Avenue to Garnet Avenue. The outage affects Port Acres Elementary School. Crews… Keep Reading

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Threat against Vidor church

Police in Seguin, Texas, arrested an armed felon who threatened a Vidor church, Vidor Police Department (VPD) Chief Rod Carroll reports. According to Chief Carroll, officers arrested 33-year-old Tony Albert in Seguin on Dec. 30 after the man allegedly told them he was on his way to First Baptist Church in Vidor, located at 350 N. Main St., “to fulfill a prophecy.” Keep Reading

A Southeast Texas Miracle: A Beaumont woman’s fight against a rare disorder with no real cure

EAUMONT — Jana Daigle has lived her entire 34 years struggling, but you'd never know it just looking at her. She was born with a condition called Chronic Intestinal Idiopathic Psuedo Obstruction. It's a rare, disabling condition that makes it almost impossible for Daigle to eat by mouth because her intestines don't function properly. What keeps her alive are the nutrients she receives through a bright green backpack. "I'm hooked up to a fluid called Total Parenteral Nutrition," said Daigle. That fluid goes through an IV directly to her heart and into her blood stream. She has to stay connected to it for twelve hours a day, five days a week. Keep Reading

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