Police patrol car blue and red flashing detail of the lights in the police car street

State Hwy 87 at Hwy 62 closed

in Orange

Source: Dawn Burleigh/The Orange Leadger

A south bound 18-wheeler on State Highway 87 caused the highway to be closed Thursday morning after the 18 wheeler overturned.
According to a Bridge City Police Officer on scene, they responded to a report of a 18 wheeler over turned around 11:40 a.m. at the
intersection of State Highways 87 and 62.
The truck was occupied by a single driver, which had to be extracted out of the rig by Bridge City Fire Department after becoming
lodged behind the steering wheel.
The driver was assessed on scene by Acadian Ambulance and transported to St. Elizabeth hospital in unknown condition.
Highway 87 South bound remains closed at this time. Drivers are urged to take alternate routes.

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